On November 7, 2017, New Yorkers will have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to vote for a state Constitutional Convention.

A People’s Convention is our best chance to

  • Protect and expand our rights
  • Defend ourselves against federal overreach
  • End the dysfunction and corruption that plagues Albany
  • Save the State over a billion dollars per year in waste and redundancy
  • And fundamentally transform our state for the better.

Today, our state is governed by a badly antiquated constitution, much of which was written in 1894 and not updated since then.

18 Reasons Why Constitutional Amendments Are Urgent

Shockingly, our Constitution:

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and what other states do, click on each link

   • Doesn’t Guarantee Adequate Health Care for All New Yorkers 

   • Doesn’t Guarantee our Right to Clean Air and Water

   • Doesn’t Give Equal Rights to Women, Members of the LGBT Community, or the Disabled

   • Doesn’t Force Big Cuts in County Property Taxes by Making the State Pay for Medicaid as 49 Other States Do

   • Doesn’t Provide a New Approach to Drug Addiction and the Legalization of Marijuana.

   • Doesn’t Impose Term Limits on Albany. 

   • Doesn’t Require Equitable Funding for our Schools

   • Doesn’t Guarantee an Affordable Public College or Technical Education

   • Doesn’t Provide Pensions for All New Yorkers

   • Doesn’t Let Cities Make Local Decisions Without Albany’s Interference

   • Doesn’t Provide Early Voting and No-excuse Absentee Balloting

   • Doesn’t Reform our Dysfunctional Criminal Justice System

   • Doesn’t Impose Independent Redistricting

   • Doesn’t Enable Citizen Initiatives

   Doesn’t Take Big Money Out of Politics

   • Doesn’t End the Message of Necessity

   • Doesn’t Restructure Our Inefficient and Overworked Judicial System

   •Doesn’t Create a Nonpartisan Board of Elections

And that’s only just a short list of its deficiencies.


Over the following months, NYPeoplesConvention.org Founder Bill Samuels and other leading supporters of a People’s Convention will be rolling out important new thinking on major policy issues critical to the lives of all New Yorkers.  

Join the debate and make your voice heard. Let’s take back New York for We, the People.

Do you want to join the movement to have a People’s Convention?