Voices of the People

The PEOPLE of New York are standing up to demand more from our dysfunctional, lobbyist-controlled government. The forces of the status quo are fighting hard to keep us quiet; lying and cheating to pull the wool over your eyes. We will not be intimidated. The people below are standing tall against the lies and intimidation to say YES!

The following grassroots groups and established organizations have joined the YES campaign. They believe that the people of our state should make the decisions, not powerful special interests or out-of-state lobbyists.


Citizen’s Union

"We will not keep relying on the political status quo that serves powerful interests and ignores everyday New Yorkers. We will not be silent as those same special interests try to stop a constitutional convention. This November, New Yorkers will deliver the change we have fought to achieve for so long."

Dick Dadey, Executive Director of Citizens Union

Forward March NY

"We can make our state a place where many of Trumps harmful policies stop at our borders. Our state can be a progressive sanctuary if we remake the constitution to reflect who we are."

Amber Sexton

National Action Network

We cannot stand silent, while our democracy is assaulted and our voting rights are stripped away.

Michael A. Hardy, General Counsel

Reform Party of New York

"The rights and interests of voters should trump the interests of political parties and party bosses."

Reform Party Platform

League of Women Voters

"The Constitutional Convention must be transparent and not conducted in secret. The public has a right to know what is being debated and voted on."

League of Women Voters

Empire State Humane Voters

"We say YES on Prop 1 because the current NY constitution has zero protections for animals - this is an opportunity to amend the constitution to include the rights of animals"

Allie Feldman Taylor

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