Proposed Legislative Amendment on Unfunded Mandates

Amendment Purpose:

1967 Constitutional Convention Amendment: All public assistance and Medicaid costs not paid for by the national government would be borne by the state budget

Summary of Amendment:
  • Requires the legislature to provide by January 1, 1970, for the transfer of the administration and cost of local welfare programs to the state over a 10-year period

Article X

State Taxation and Finance

Section 5. The article directs the legislature to provide for the transfer to the state by January 1, 1970 of responsibility for all programs of public assistance and care now administered by local governments. It provides for the allocation of the costs of such programs not paid or reimbursed by the federal government and requires that, within ten years, local governments be entirely relieved of all such costs.

Section 6. The article permits public moneys to be granted or loaned to any person, association or private corporation for economic and community development purposes, as therein defined. Economic and community development purposes include the renewal and rebuilding of communities, the development of new communities, and programs and facilities to enhance the physical environment, health and social well-being of, and to encourage the expansion of economic opportunity for, the people of the state.