We need to change the corrupt and dysfunctional culture of Albany. It can only be done through a People’s Convention.
1. We Need a Right to Clean Air and Water

2. Voting Rights Will End the Wait

3. Equality for All Must Be in the State Constitution

4. Fair Elections Require Independent Redistricting

5. Every New Yorker Must Have the Right to Health Care

6. New York Needs Big Cuts in Property Taxes

7. Big Money Must be Taken Out of Politics

8. We Must Reform the Criminal Justice System

9. All New Yorkers Should be Able to Afford a College Education

10. Albany Must Have Term Limits to End Cronyism and Dysfunction

11. Cities Need True Home Rule to be Free of Albany

12. We Need a New Approach to Addiction

13. We Must End the Message of Necessity

14. Unfunded Mandates From Albany Are Handcuffing Local Government

15. New York State Must Stop Hiding State Debt and Revise Financial Reporting